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  • Judge eases Christmas tree-cutting ban in fight over owl
    Wednesday, 23. October 2019 20:30 o'clock
    The cutting of Christmas trees across several national forests in the Southwest will be allowed under an order issued by a U.S. district judge in the fight over a threatened owl
  • UN expert calls for ban on Israeli products from settlements
    Wednesday, 23. October 2019 20:28 o'clock
    The U.N. independent expert on human rights in the Palestinian territories is calling for an international ban on all products made in Israeli settlements as a step to potentially end Israel's 52-year-old "illegal occupation"
  • Maryland's attorney general sues Kushner apartment company
    Wednesday, 23. October 2019 20:27 o'clock
    Maryland's attorney general is suing a real estate company once run by President Donald Trump's son-in-law for allegedly illegal and harmful rental practices, including rodent and vermin infestations